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watercolor landscape painting. Rocks along shoreline
Watercolor by Margaret Park

WATERCOLOR FOR BEGINNERS | 6-WEEK WORKSHOP $350 (not including supplies) Thursdays, April 18th - May 23rd | 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)


Class Description:

Learn the foundation of watercolor art with Fine Artist Margaret Park, starting with an understanding of materials and working through multiple techniques to the conclusion of a complete painting. Steps will be easy to understand and one-on-one guidance will ensure the greatest opportunity for success. 

Price includes 6-session workshop, NOT including supplies! Please refer to Instructor's curated supply list below.


Class 1:

  • Introduction to materials

  • Not all paper, paints, and brushes are created equal.

  • Water - the magic ingredient

  • A brush with technique

  • Wash

  • Dry brush

  • Using different parts of the brush

  • Mixing here and there

  • Glazing 

  • Seeing is believing

  • Product versus process


Class 2:

  • Putting the brush to paper - wet and dry

  • Warm and cool colors and how they work

  • Start with a drawing or not

  • Have a plan then go with the flow


Class 3:

  • Wash in a sky (create a wash)

  • Create a rock or three (wet into wet)

  • Add some grass (controlling the brush)

  • Now a bit of a pond (dry brush)

  • Where are the shadows (direction of light)


Class 4:

  • Working from a photograph

  • What is necessary and not

  • Just enough drawing 

  • Consider the steps

  • Create the painting


Class 5:

  • Step by step demonstration

  • I do then you do


Class 6:

  • Step by step demonstration

  • I do then you do




Watercolor supplies can be expensive, particularly if you are going to use quality product. Quality products will give you a better result and less problems particularly when you are starting out. When I am planning a beginners’ class I always debate cost vs. quality and try to find a happy medium. I have pulled these items together from  You can also shop at your local art supply store or although the exact items may not be available. If you opt to go to Dick Blick online here is a link where I linked all of the items. 


Paper: Arches Watercolor Pad - 10" x 14", 140 lb, Cold Press, Fold-over, 12 Sheets. $24.02


Paints: Sakura Koi Watercolor - Set of 12, Assorted Colors, 5 ml, Tubes This will cost you a lot less than buying separate tubes of one of the professional grade paints although it includes black which you will seldom use. They are better than most student grade paints. $15.83 

Brushes: Silver Brush Black Velvet Brush - Round, Size 8 . If you are only going to have one brush this is the one to have. It has a wide base and a fine point which will give you the best of both worlds. $22.75


Palette: You can use any palette that appeals to you. Make sure you have at least 1 small space for each color and larger sections for mixing paint. The plastic ones work fine but will stain which isn’t a problem. You will find as you continue to work with watercolor that you will probably change your mind on what you want in a palette as your process and style evolve with time. I have also seen people use a dinner plate as a palette. If you need a specific I recommendation try Blick Folding Palette Box - Large, 11 7/8" x 10 3/4” for $7.30.


Water container: Anything works as long as it doesn’t leak. There is no need to buy a special container. Glass is easier to keep clean but a stained plastic container can be switched out for a new one. Jelly jars, mayo jars, etc.


Misc.: paper towels; facial tissue (no lotion); 1” tape as in masking tape, painters tape or artists’ tape; pencil (any kind); one piece of ½” foam board larger than you paper (for taping your paper to); spray bottle; ruler. 

The foam board can probably be purchased at Michaels as well as some of the other items. I have listed prices for most things to make comparisons easier for you. 

To learn more about Margaret Park, visit her website and follow her on social media


Call me if you have any questions: Margaret Park 708-691-3998.


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