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FREE Chattanooga Depression Care Collective Gathering July 30 | 8:30-9:30 AM

Does your work help heal depression? Join the Chattanooga Depression Care Collective
FREE Depression Care Collective Gathering

Does what you do help heal depression? (AKA does your work help people feel more connected, capable, and hopeful?) Do you want to meet people who do work that is complementary to yours? 

Join us for an hour-long hub gathering designed to bring together Chattanooga's Community for Depression Care, sponsored by and hosted at Bud's Creative Arts Center.

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This quarterly event is an opportunity for body workers, artists, mental health providers, and other practitioners dedicated to alleviating depression to connect, collaborate, and build robust referral networks. 

During this gathering, you'll have the chance to meet like-minded professionals, share insights about your practices, and explore ways to support each other's work. By fostering these connections, we aim to create a cohesive community dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals struggling with depression. 

Come prepared to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and build partnerships that enhance our collective impact on mental health and well-being in Chattanooga.


Anyone whose work helps people with the big, heavy, & dense experience of depression heal. Learn more about who does this work & join our directory here!


To get the people relieving depression into one place.


One hour, 2 minutes to talk about your work, 25 (ish) other people who care about what you do, and powerful connections being made to better help everyone who needs us.

Come early for a cup of High Garden Tea and linger afterwards to deepen your connections!


Bud's Creative Arts Center

5325 Old Hixson Pike,

Hixson TN 37343

(423) 580-9186


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